AnchorFree business solutions

With data breaches rising at an alarming rate, don’t gamble with your company’s online security. AnchorFree’s award-winning WiFi security technology has been proven to perform globally, with more than 650 million downloads.

Our products

  • Wi-Fi Security SDK

    Wi-Fi Security SDK

    Our SDK delivers a critical layer of security and privacy for both consumers and businesses. Endpoint security companies, XSPs, consumer app developers, and hardware manufacturers use our SDK to secure their customers, accelerate time to market, and deliver premium performance around the globe.

  • Wi-Fi Security for Business

    Wi-Fi Security for Business

    Our SMB solution takes the form of a Cloud VPN for business or a Hybrid VPN for enterprises operating from multiple locations. Its simple web-based management portal allows administrators to easily manage their WiFi security system, provide authenticated access, and monitor usage for all connections.

Performance and trust

AV-Test calls AnchorFree’s technology the fastest, most secure in the business.

Speed and performance

Speed and performance

AnchorFree’s proprietary protocol, Hydra Catapult, delivers speeds that were independently verified to be considerably faster than the competition.



With its annual transparency report and no-log policies, AnchorFree is rated the most trustworthy VPN technology provider on the market.

Let AnchorFree protect your business

Let AnchorFree protect your business

With data breaches at an all-time high, and businesses both large and small increasingly vulnerable, protecting your company’s data should be a priority. Contact us to learn more about how AnchorFree helps businesses across the globe remain secure.