Partner Privacy Practices

Certain carriers and app developers partner with AnchorFree to provide our VPN technology to their customers. Each partner has their own privacy practices as described in their privacy policies. AnchorFree does not collect or retain any personally identifiable information from the customers of our partners, and does not retain customer IP addresses after a VPN session has ended. Furthermore, AnchorFree does not serve any ads to our partners’ customers or provide any advertising SDKs to our partners, and we do not share any of our partners’ customer data with any third parties. For partners that utilize AnchorFree’s server infrastructure, we merely monitor bandwidth usage and ask users to pay when certain bandwidth limits are reached; we do not otherwise limit or alter the partner’s traffic in any way. Some partners choose to run malware protection using AnchorFree servers, in which case the partner’s customers may be notified if they visit malware, phishing or spam sites.