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AnchorFree Launches Advertising Network for Reaching Consumers at Hotspot Locations

AnchorFree Building Nation’s Largest Network of Free Hotspot Locations; More Than 100 Leading Brands Already Using AnchorFree’s Network for 100% Accurate Location-Based Targeting

Sunnyvale, Calif. November 5, 2007 AnchorFree today launched its broadband media platform for hotspot locations, providing advertisers a new means of interacting in a highly targeted way with consumers across thousands of hotspot locations nationwide. This innovative media channel allows advertisers to increase the quantity, quality and relevance of touch points, heighten user engagement and interaction with their brands, and strengthen customer relationships by delivering advertisements and promotions precisely targeted to users’ particular interests, behavior and location.

With the AnchorFree network, for the first time, advertisers are guaranteed 100% accurate location-based targeting, as AnchorFree’s geo-targeting capabilities are based on the access location of the consumer, and not on less reliable ISP data. AnchorFree has already signed multi-year, exclusive advertising agreements with wireless operators that represent thousands of hotspots, which together generate hundreds of millions of page views and several million user sessions per month.

More than 100 brands in a variety of industries are already using the AnchorFree network to reach and engage with targeted, relevant customers, including American Express, AirTran, Circuit City, Clorox, Ford, Harrahs, Kaiser Permanente, Major League Baseball, McDonalds, Princess Cruises, Prudential, Qwest and Toyota.

The AnchorFree broadband advertising network allows marketers to reach and interact with out-of-home laptop users and wireless device users throughout their entire online experience. With AnchorFree, hotspot locations from cafes and restaurants, to hotels, airports, shopping centers and other leisure and travel locations are able to offer patrons free broadband access that is subsidized via relevant, interactive and unobtrusive advertisements.

“While some brand retail chains offer a paid model, we believe that an ad-supported broadband model is poised to become the standard across all types of locations. This model presents a largely untapped opportunity for companies to communicate with more of their own consumers. Similar to network television, the Internet is classically fit for an ad-supported model,” said David Gorodyansky, co-founder and CEO of AnchorFree. “Advertisers and content providers are aggressively looking for innovative, effective ways to reach the most relevant, targeted customer base. Our network’s ability to slice and dice better than any other ad-targeting medium provides a huge leg up to advertisers looking for strategic differentiators.”

Advertisers Capitalize on Emerging Broadband Advertising Medium

Hotspot based advertising is set for rapid growth as the number of broadband enabled devices increases, including laptops, iPods, and now iPhones. According to recent eMarketer research, Internet advertising revenue reached $15.9 billion in 2006, and is projected to reach $25 billion by 2010. At the same time, U.S. and global Wi-Fi users have been growing at annual rates in excess of 35% for the past several years (eMarketer, 2007).

AnchorFree provides a new media opportunity for local, brand and direct marketers to create a captive, persistent, branded experience with consumers. This broadband advertising network offers all of the attributes of successful direct marketing channels including a direct, 1-to-1 connection with consumers, strong targeting and measurability, enabling marketers to reach a captive and attentive consumer in an uncluttered environment. The consumer then has the ability to interact with and respond directly to the advertiser. The AnchorFree network is now available in thousands of hotspot locations nationwide and continues to sign up additional advertisers as it builds a nationwide network.

About AnchorFree

AnchorFree, the largest Hotspot media network, represents more than 10,000 Hotspot locations, generating more than 400 million page views through five million user sessions per month. AnchorFree’s location-based ad network is a new marketing channel for brand and direct response marketers to deliver interactive, timely and targeted advertisements to laptop and mobile device users when they are away from the home or office. The AnchorFree network connects advertisers with millions of consumers in a captive, persistent manner that is highly measurable and geo-targeted to these user’s exact locations. Any business, from coffee shops and restaurants to travel spots and retail locations, can leverage the AnchorFree network to offer their patrons free Internet access while generating new revenues with no financial investments required. AnchorFree is also the first advertising network to offer consumers full control over their privacy and security through the company’s Hotspot Shield, a free advertising supported VPN client available for download at, and AnchorFree is a privately held company based in Sunnyvale, California.

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