Ignite Your Inner

We are passionate about building an Internet without restrictions. We believe in doing what is right and making a stand. Pride is contagious and we believe in having an environment that fosters it. Join the team to build something legendary.

What We Stand For

We want to have a positive impact in the world and our energy is focused in a common direction-internet freedom. We have a big ambition, with a clear focus of the future; enjoy the environment of forward momentum. We want to impact the world and we need your help. Join the challenge.

Our Values Inspire Us

We want to nuture your passions, tell us what motivates you so we can create the best working environment.

Oh the Many Perks!

Sky Diving is for vacations, which at AnchorFree you start occurring on your first day.

Be a part of the millions that want uncensored access to the worlds largest community - the Internet.

AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield app is the world’s most popular Internet Freedom and Privacy Platform. Hotspot Shield is a major global force for freedom and democracy; disrupting censorship and providing the world’s citizens with access to all of the world’s information and personal privacy online.