User Affinity

  • Travelers
  • World Citizens
  • Privacy-minded individuals
  • Content Enthusiasts

The AnchorFree Platform can put your brand in front of 25 million active monthly users on the Web and mobile devices. Almost every person with a computer or a mobile phone uses a Wi-Fi network. Hotspot Shield, the most popular privacy app in the world, reaches virtually every demographic segment of a technically savvy/content hungry population.

Whether you are trying to reach expats or travelers, The AnchorFree Platform is your ideal destination.

What do our users have in common?

Global Usage in over 190 countries
  • Unique active users M Per month
  • User sessions M Per month
  • Page views/ad views B Per month
  • New downloads M Per month
  • Video views M Per month

How it works

Hotspot Shield allows users to access and consume content securely and privately. Each user session spans approximately 148 page views and all advertising can be contextually targeted.

User is directed to a landing page
Your content appears above all domains
Your adv appears above all domains

Mobile Advertising *
Wi-Fi security and online privacy at the tip of your fingers.

Reach 7.2 million monthly active users at first touch in app!

* Android only

Security and privacy-minded World Citizens. Content Enthusiasts.

Strengh: Comscore index
  • 180.0
  • 160.0
  • 140.0
  • 120.0
  • 100.0
  • 80.0
  • 60.0
  • 40.0
  • 20.0
  • 0.0
  • Autos
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Business & Finance
  • Travel & information
  • Sports
  • AncorFree Index
  • ComScore base

According to ComScore, AnchorFree users have a much higher propensity to visit travel, retail, business and finance websites than the average Internet user. AnchorFree’s rapidly growing network of U.S. Hotspot Shield users living, traveling, and working abroad puts advertisers in touch with an audience that is practically unreachable by any other means.

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