Hotspot Shield Advertising

Advertise on Hotspot Shield - our secure consumer VPN platform

Hotspot Shield is AnchorFree’s software application to provide security, privacy and access to customers everywhere.

It's used on a monthly basis by 10 million users around the world.

Predominantly an English speaking audience, our users include Americans who are using public Wi-Fi hotspots or traveling both inside and outside the U.S. Millions of American and other globetrotting expatriates living outside the U.S. and their home countries also make use of our Hotspot Shield to access U.S. or UK Web sites and online content.

Hotspot Shield enables our users to surf the web and shop online with complete privacy and data encryption. Each user session spans approximately 60 page views and all advertising can be contextually targeted.

Advertising on the AnchorFree Media Network will allow you to target the domain site categories of your choice. Need travel category visitors? How about Business/Finance visitors? We can ensure your advertisements reach any one of several dozen category designations, including the most premium online domain sites.

Whether you are trying to reach tech-savvy, security focused consumers, travelers, or U.S. expatriates living abroad; we can put your ads in front of a large targeted audience with focused behavioral attributes.

What do our users have in common?

They all choose to surf the web with the encryption, security and freedom of AnchorFree's Hotspot Shield. They move from place to place, but visit US or UK content and surf the web in English. According to ComScore, AnchorFree users have a much higher propensity to visit travel, retail, and business finance Web sites than does the average Internet user. AnchorFree’s rapidly growing network of U.S. Hotspot Shield users living, traveling, and working abroad puts advertisers in touch with an Internet audience that is practically unreachable by any other means.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Reach and Category Strength by Industry Segment

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Strength by Industry Segment

AnchorFree Index: The yellow bars show the relative density of our users in major marketing channels relative to the entire base of Internet visitors in those same channels. It is a behavioral indicator of our audience and proves our alignment with the different categories of online consumer goods and services.

Comscore Base Index: The gray line base lines the entire Internet audience in major marketing channels against total user visits. The yellow bar graph shows categories of AnchorFree users that are more correlated to the noted categories than the entire Internet population which is base lined at a value of 100.

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Reach and Category Strength by Selected Industry Sectors

AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Strength by Industry Sectors